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Your dog must be up to date on rabies per state law. All other Vaccines are at your discretion however A Foxy Pup is not responsible for any preventable communicable disease your dog may pick up in our salon.
A Foxy Pup, Canine Spa operates a crate free social play environment. Your dog will be exposed to and allowed to play with other dogs while in our care unless you request/book in advance a PRIVATE APPOINTMENT.
Crates will only be used at client request and for safety when dogs don’t get along

Online booking is available at 24/7. You will receive an email and text confirmation of your appointment. If you do not receive confirmation then your appointment was likely not booked and you will need to contact us before coming in to confirm your appointment. You may also text us 24/7 to scheduled an appointment. Again if you do not recieve confirmation of your appointment you do not have an appointment and will need to contact us.
Same day appointments are sometimes available however priority will be given to all clients that booked in advance and there may be an emergency/work in fee of ¼ the base groom service price for your dog.
PRIVATE APPOINTMENTS WILL BE BOOKED/CHARGED by the hour and Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance or the FULL fee will be due. Private appointments are scheduled on special days/times, have limited availability and are difficult to fill last minute, our staff will likely still have to be there if you show up or not and should be compensated.
Phone calls will not be returned if a message is not left. Due to the noise level in the salon it is difficult to hear on the phone so phones will be answered/voicemails returned as time allows when it is quiet.
Please Schedule the service level  you wish to receive for your dog based on your dog's actual weight. If you schedule a lesser service or lower weight we may not have time to complete your dog. Larger dogs and additional services take more time and our schedule that day may not allow for the additional time. If we choose to still take your dog and complete the extra services additional fees will apply including overtime fees if completing the additional services/size dog causes us to work past 4pm (7:30pm on mondays).
All dogs will be ready within 2-3 hours of their appointment start time unless we let you know otherwise at drop off due to the dogs condition.
All Dogs should be picked up within 1 hour of notification that the groom is complete unless arrangements have been made in advance. Day care fees apply to all dogs left longer.
Early drop off/ Late Pick up must be arranged in ADVANCE. Without prior arrangements staff may not be available for early drop off and there is a daycare fee that will be due for extended stays.
If you have not picked up your dog by 4 pm and we have been unable to get in contact with you we reserve the right to bed down your dog for the night or take your dog home with us and lock up. If this happens there will be a $25/dog/night boarding fee that will be due at pick up. Daycare fees will also apply for each day the dog remains with us.
If we have boarded the dog down and left for the day and you request us to return and deliver your dog the boarding fee will still apply.
If you have not picked up your dog or contacted us within 7 days your dog may be adopted out, sold or turned over to animal control as allowed by law.

Pricing is based on our hourly rates ($45/hour dogs under 40 lbs, $55/hour dogs 40-150 lbs, $60/hour dogs over 150 lbs) for the average time required to groom a dog in good condition with minimal tangles who are not excessively dirty or with overgrown nails. Additional charges will apply based on our hourly rate for dogs that take longer due to emotional needs or condition.
Matting, Excessive nail growth (+$5-$10), fleas(+10), late pick up/early drop off(varies based on drop off/pick up time), deskunk( $15+) same day/after hours and holiday appointments ALL will incur additional fees.
State and Federal laws require overtime pay of 1.5 times wage therefore after hours grooming and after hours pick up will be charged a $15 per hour (billed in whole hour increments) on top of the groom fee.
You will be charged based on the actual services rendered/requested at drop off and the actual weight of you dog regardless of what is requested at booking. A Foxy Pup may weigh your dog at each appointment and adjust fees based on your dogs current weight.
Aside from your dog being skunked, Grooming is not an emergency service. Last minute appointments will be billed at a higher rate as follows:
Same day- 1.25 x grooming rate
Holidays- 2 x grooming rate
Last minute weekend/after hours-1.5 x grooming rate.
We offer 6 and 12 month prepaid grooming packages at up to 35% discount. Package services must be used within the time allotted or are void. Refunds of prepaid packages will only be made in the event of death of the dog and will be prorated based on the number of months remaining.
Packages are not transferable in the event the dog is rehomed unless due to hospitalization or death of owner or military service.
Single packages cannot be used for multiple dogs.
Prebook maintenance schedule discounts will only apply to those who go on a maintenance schedule. Any changes to your appointments may require an additional 2 weeks between next available appointments. Missed pre scheduled appointments will result in loss of discount.  Going more than 8 weeks between appointments will result in loss of discount.
Military/Police/1st responder discounts apply only to the Veteran/Officer/Etc and their spouse (not children, cousins, parents, aunts/uncles etc) proof of service may be required.


If you are not satisfied with your groom we will make every possible effort to correct the groom within 7 days of your appointment however if it is too short we will note your account  for your next visit as we unfortunately cannot put the hair back.
A Foxy Pup, Canine Spa charges based on the time spent on your dog therefore except in extreme circumstances WE DO NOT offer refunds for completed services.
Specific lengths are not guaranteed if you give us written instructions or a photo we will do our best to match the haircut you want but due to many variables may not be able to match exactly. If you give A Foxy Pup no written grooming instructions or only show a photo that we can not refer to during the groom we will give your dog the haircut we feel best suits your lifestyle and your dogs breed at our discretion. Adjustments will be made at the next visit if you notify us of any changes you want made.
Violence, Threats, Rudeness, Harassment, repeated no shows, and excessive canine aggression will ban you and your pet  from future services at A Foxy Pup. Please treat our staff and their time and effort with respect. When treated respectfully we will do everything we can to make any issues/complaints right, to work with your schedule/budget and work with you on any issues your dog may have to make an enjoyable experience for all.
Vet bills due to any grooming related issues need to be submitted to A Foxy Pup within 5 days of the groom to be considered for reimbursement. We are not responsible for ANY underlying issues found or caused by neglect of your dogs coat/skin/nails, ear infections, or vaccine preventable diseases.
Photos may be taken by A Foxy Pup of your dog throughout the grooming process and used for any/all  purposes by A Foxy Pup at any time.
Copies of any written, photo or video evidence  may be used by A Foxy Pup to defend themselves against slander, libel, and negative reviews.
PAYMENT IS DUE AT THE TIME SERVICES ARE RENDERED! A Foxy Pup, Canine Spa Accepts ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS. Cash is always welcome however for safety we do not keep cash on hand so exact change is appreciated as we usually do not have change.
CHECKS- are accepted with management approval however there is a returned check fee of $50 for all checks not honored. Bounced checks must be paid fees included within 7 days of notification that your check did not clear or A Foxy Pup may take legal action. If your check is returned to us we will not be able to accept checks from you in the future.
We can make payment arrangements if needed but they need to be made in advance of your appointment. We can offer monthly, weekly and a bi-weekly payment plans as well as prepayment with a major credit/debit card.
Invoicing is also available if you need a friend/family member to pick up your dog however all invoices are due by 7 pm the day of service. Invoices not paid the same day will incur a 10% late fee. Additional late fees will apply weekly if not paid.
If you fail to pay for the services rendered A Foxy Pup reserves the right to take further legal action. Theft of Services is a Crime