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  • Salon Social Grooming

    For Salon Social Grooming there may be multiple pups or just yours running around playing and being groomed. Your should plan to pick up your pup 3-4 hours after drop off, if you need to leave your pup all day that is ok to but there will be a $2/hr daycare fee assessed for each hour after 4. We never crate your pup unless it is necessary for safety reasons or you request that we keep your pup crated. We have found this method works well for most pups that are not agressive. It provides a non threatening environment with plenty of distraction for the groom as well as the reward of play time before and after the groom.

    We always working in the same order so your pup learns the routine and is more relaxed for grooming each time they come in.

    Everything we do is with a focus of maintaining the best skin and coat health and keep your dog comfortable at all times. 

    *The only upcharges we apply are for fleas and color services as well as additional time required to groom your dog due to matting, special handling, and special requests ( color, designs, etc).

  • Private Grooming Sessions

    For Private grooming sessions we close the salon to the public and block a set period of time off for you and your pup so they can recieve 1 on 1 individual attention. Because we only service you and your pup during this appointment it is billed at $60/hour with a minimum/ fee of $45/hour scheduled that is due for all appointments not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. You may be asked to place a non-refundable deposit equal to $45/hour scheduled in order to book your private grooming session that will be applied to your grooming fee.

    We will do as much as we can with your pup during your scheduled session however please understand we may not be able to complete all services on your pup due to time constraints and/or whatever issues your pup may have prompting the scheduling of private grooming sessions.

  • Self Service Dog Wash

    Come on in and wash your dog yourself the easy way. We have a state of the art ADA compliant Hydraulic lift tub with adjustible tub height and inner floor height, state of the art shampoo/conditoner dispersment system for perfect product dilution and water pressure every time, special dog shammy towels and 2 high velocity adjustable speed dryers available for you to use. You bring the dirty dog and we provide everything else including brushes, combs, nail clippers and even a dremel if you want to try your had at filing your pups nails smooth. Best of all we clean up the mess when your done.

    Please Call Before coming to make sure we are in the shop and not on a house call. No new Self service will be taken 30 minutes prior to closing or after.

    $15 for most dogs

    $25 for any dog requiring over an hour.

    Please Call Before coming to make sure we are in the salon and not on a house call. No new Self service will be taken 30 minutes prior to closing or after.

  • Pet Sitting

    We will customize a pet sitting package for you based on your budget and needs. Please email us a quote request at Include in your request the number of days and nights required, the number of visits each day requested or the number of hours your would like somebody to stay continuously. 

    We can also pick up your pup/pups in the morning and bring them to the salon to play all day and return them in the evening.

    Base House call pricing before discounts is:


    $70 for overnight stays

    $50 for all day stays

    $30/ day to pick up and drop off and daycare.

  • Pet Taxi

    Pet Taxi is available to and from your grooming appointment as long as you live within blacksburg town limits, christiansburg town limits or other areas within 20 minutes drive of our salon for $5 each way. Don't let your busy schedule interfere with your pups maintenance.

    We can also stop by and do a quick nail trim only for $15  for the first dog and $10 each additional dog as long as you live within 20 minutes of 513 Roanoke St Christiansburg. Farther out is $25 for the first dog and $10 each additional dog.